University and School Partnership Program


School Partnership

The preparation for the establishment ASEAN Community 2015, based on the Indonesian policy about International Standards School and the Blue Book of Bureau of Panning and International Cooperation, Ministry of Education and Culture, The Republic of Indonesia on Joint Working Group, Kemitraan Negara Berkembang Scholarship, Beasiswa Unggulan, Darmasiswa Scholarship, ASEAN Leaders Exchange, University/School Partnership, Lecture/Teacher Exchange and Student Mobility. Educational quality improvement could be made through university/school partnership. SEA countries as parts of SEAMEO member countries have potential for university/ school partnership.

SEAMOLEC one of 20 SEAMEO centers has to serve all Southeast Asian countries to develop education sector, particularly in Open and Distance Learning (ODL). Therefore, SEAMOLEC has to support university/school partnership among Southeast Asian member countries and with SEAMEO associate member countries.

The objectives of the program are:

  • To prepare for the establishment ASEAN Community 2015
  • To build collaboration between universities/schools in Indonesia and Southeast Asian countries;
  • To improve quality of teaching and learning through collaboration;
  • To provide pathways for teachers to do research;
  • To share/exchange knowledge, culture and values.

To meet the objectives above, the possible program could be:

  • Collaborative teaching/learning in particular subjects based on the agreement as write down in MoU and MoA through Open and Distance Learning supported by SEAMOLEC. Lecture/teacher of particular subject from both participating Uni/School need to upload learning material and assessment for the specified learners. Participating students will have the same standard of learning and assessment.
  • Lecture/teacher exchange, based on further agreement
  • Student exchange, based on further agreement
  • Joint training/workshop for lecture/teacher, institutional leaders, school principal and other educational personnel.

All payment will be born by each participant based on destination country*
*Term and conditions applies

Candidate Indonesian Uni/School for Partnership
A. High School (SMA-RSBI/SBI)
B. Vocational High School (SMK)
C. Polytechnic/University with the same study program with the partner


Phase I: Activities Pre-departure workshop at SEAMOLEC

Phase II: Indonesian Participants departure to partner country, Conducted Workshop for MoU/MoA, Action Plan Uni/school visit Cultural visit

Phase III: Joint Workshop for lecture/ teacher on web-based courseware development, uploading teaching/learning material to the Web

Phase IV: Implementation of MoU, MoA and Action Plan (Lecturer/teacher exchange or student exchange)

Phase V:  Monitoring and Evaluation of Uni/School partnership